Huawei Phone and Tablet Repair Shop in Brisbane

We at Pimp My Gadget specialize in phone screen and tablet repairs of well-known brand in Brisbane. We perform screen replacement for devices from brands such as Huawei at heavily discounted prices. Our staff always helps you get your Huawei phone and tablet repaired at an affordable price. We can also take care of software problems and other hardware problems like unresponsive screens.


We repair smashed, damaged, or broken screens of all Huawei phones and tablets in Brisbane. We can repair any Huawei device, restoring full functionality to your favourite device.


Pimp My Gadget has two dedicated phone repair centres conveniently located in the DFO shopping centres in Jindalee, south-west of the Brisbane CBD and at the Brisbane Airport. Our highly trained technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge in repairing mobile phones and tablets. We ensure a thorough examination of the phone to ensure any perceived hardware problem with the phone or tablet is not due to a software bug.


At Pimp My Gadget, we believe in providing our customers with prompt and quick service. To achieve this, we stock most of the common parts for Huawei devices on site. This enables our technicians to make the necessary repairs quickly, and you can have your phone and tablet back as soon as possible. This means that for common problems like screen replacements. In the case of a rare problem where we may not have the part immediately available, we procure it within a day or two.


To get quick service, you can make a priority appointment on our website and skip the queue. But even without an appointment, our staff will ensure you get personal service and meticulous attention to any repair work on your Huawei phone or tablet.


We strive to provide our customers the best possible service for Huawei phones and tablets, particularly for screen replacement and water damage . We offer a six-month warranty on all replaced parts and services provided.


Our effective and prompt services have made us a favourite among customers in Brisbane. We hope to continue to offer the best possible phone and template repair services at competitive prices.


We also repair all other brand mobile phones & tablets such as Apple (iPhone and iPad), Samsung , Sony Xperia , Motorola , HTC , and Microsoft