Motorola Phone and Tablet Repair Shop in Brisbane

Pimp My Gadget is one of the few private stores in Brisbane which offers you all the perks and facilities of an authorised phone or tablet service centre without the associated high repair and service charges from the manufacturer. We offer you a wide range of repair services for Motorola phones and tablets at reasonable prices.


Motorola has secured their place among the best-selling phones and tablets in the South Asian and Australian markets. The new range of Motorola phones and tablets feature amazing processors, Full-HD display screens, and 16GB of internal memory is common, not to mention a host of other features. Despite such amazing features, even high-quality phones and tablets from reputed brands like Motorola can suffer from software and hardware problems. You would want these issues to be resolved promptly, and we at Pimp My Gadget are happy to help.


Compared to phones, Motorola tablets generally do not trouble users with software or hardware issues.  But their larger size often means that tablets suffer heavier physical damage compared to phones due to accidental drops or water damage . The larger screen size also means that the cost of replacing a damaged screen is higher.


Our technicians are well-trained for the job and have particular expertise in solving the problems with the Motorola phones and tablets. Their experience has enabled them to deal with almost every kind of problem with smartphones. Whether it is water damage, shattered screen, or corrupted software, we can deal with just about anything. We are one of the few repair centres that undertake the repair services of phones and tablets with water damage.


We have two stores for customer interaction and repairs - one at the Brisbane airport and the other in the DFO Shopping Centre in Jindalee. Both the stores are backed by our two warehouses at Queensland where we keep our inventory of spares such as replacement screens and other related stuff.


To receive an immediate and prompt service, you can book an appointment from our official website. It allows you to not only receive urgent service from our store but also save you time. Your device can have personalised attention from our technicians.


We also repair all other brand mobile phones & tablets such as Apple (iPhone and iPad) , Samsung , Huawe , Sony Xperia , HTC , and Microsoft