Highly recommend this place! Great value for money and the customer service is exceptional. Can't thank you enough for fixing my phone. 
Date of Posting: 19 Nov 2016
Posted By: Auddessey Uta Timoti

 Great people, love the shop at Jindalee, can't thank Jake enough for the repairs he does for me. 
Date of Posting: 18 Nov 2016
Posted By: Jordin Casey

 Highly recommend, best service, only place I'll go ! 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Tyler Anne

 perfect, 10/10 service from the jindalee store, fixed in no time and very polite service from the employees. Jake was super lovely :) 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Rebekah Swinton

 Thankyou Andrew and Casey for your wondeful customer service at Brisbane Airport. We had two phones fixed by you guys within the hour. Work was phenomenal and will be recommending you to all my family and friends. Thanks again! 
Date of Posting: 9 May 2016
Posted By: Sally Kirk

 Excellent service at dfo Brisbane fixed my phone no problems and very helpful and friendly staff  
Date of Posting: 6 Nov 2016
Posted By: Deb Deb Allen

 Had my iphone 6 screen replaced there, nothing but trouble with the phone, whole screen has come off. Thanks guys my phone was unusable, and still is. Thanks for stuffinh my phone up. Screen wasnt even on there a month... i will not be recommending this place to anyone. 
Date of Posting: 15 Nov 2016
Posted By: Rachael Leigh

 Great service from all the staff at brisbane airport store. Highly recommended!  
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Isabella Kirk

 Very fair priced phone repairs and great service. Won't go anywhere else to get my phones fixed  
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Damo Kirk

 Had my phone fixed here and had a small issue with it afterwards. The manager was extremely good about resolving the issue for me, and put in 110% effort. Although we did run into an issue I'd definitely go back again, as the service and compassion shown by the manager was 10/10. 
Date of Posting: 6 Apr 2016
Posted By: Katie Alice Nimmo

 Good work at a reasonable price! Definitely recommend them. Thanks Casey! 
Date of Posting: 19 Oct 2016
Posted By: Karthikeyan Nadarajan

 Great quality repair, can't believe how fast Jake in the jindalee store fixed my phone today, thank you so much!!!! 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Tearli Schipplock

 Amazing customer service, 2 iPhone screens and 1 iPad screen replaced, super helpful! Thank you :) 
Date of Posting: 9 Nov 2016
Posted By: Sharon Nicolia

 My phone was fixed quickly for a fantastic price, couldn't fault the service highly recommended. 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Paul Head

 Excellent service by Casey, fixed my phone in no time, really friendly and cooperative. Will be back next time my phone breaks!!. 
Date of Posting: 9 Aug 2016
Posted By: Leisha de Vries

 Outstanding service from a very good looking and well mannered young man named Jake in the Jindalee store today. I came in not too sure what I was looking for and Jake helped me to get the exact accessory and case for my kids phone. I was also able to get a quick quote for my screen to be replaced! Will recommend the shop to everyone. Amazing service, thanks to Jake and Pimp my gadget :)  
Date of Posting: 23 Feb 2016
Posted By: Susan Webster

 Got my iPhone fixed today and received a fast and quality service! Well done gadget pimpers, keep up the great work!! thanks to your helpful staffs!  
Date of Posting: 8 May 2016
Posted By: Ann Lopez

 Fantastic service today from Graham at Jindalee. Replaced an iPad 4 screen and home button very late in the day and in just half an hour. Even though he had other jobs to complete, he fit my job in. I would highly recommend their service. 
Date of Posting: 17 June 2016
Posted By: Linda Richardson

 Thanks for the fast and professional phone repair. Highly recommend to all! 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Liam Foster

 Great service, would not go anywhere else, thanks to Jake once again my phone is in perfect working condition 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Giorgia Cóurt

 Top service!fast and good quality !welcome to contact with me ! 
Date of Posting: 12 Aug 2016
Posted By: Yipu Zhang

 I was recently ripped off at another phone store won't name any names and then I have met graham at the DFO store in Jindalee and what an amazing man he has been he has helped me with a A+++++++ attitude and I feel as though he went above and beyond thank you once again!!! I highly recommend this store to everyone!! Thanks a bunch graham #happyhappycustomer 
Date of Posting: 24 Feb 2016
Posted By: Cynthia Chrystal

 Had work done on my phone and Casey was awesome and very helpful. Everything fixed.. very happy  
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Sharon Head

 Great customer service and work done by Casey and Andrew. Will recommend to everyone. Thanks again guys!! 
Date of Posting: 9 May 2016
Posted By: John Kirk

 Thank you Andrew and Casey! Great customer service :) definitely recommend your shop! 
Date of Posting: 29 Apr 2016
Posted By: Sisze Kim

 Best quality and service, you guys are nice, highly recommend 
Date of Posting: 14 Jul 2016
Posted By: Justin Zhang

 great iPhone repair service,highly recommend 
Date of Posting: 8 Jul 2016
Posted By: Huang Lisa

 Definitely recommend!! Graham sorted my smashed iPhone 6 in 30 minutes for $149. This was the cheapest place I found, most places charge $180. 10/10, thanks!  
Date of Posting: 18 Jan 2016
Posted By: Emily Bradbury

 Ever need something gadget related I come here, good deals good service and not far from my home and are ALWAYS cheaper then elsewhere for some product in a regular store 
Date of Posting: 25 Mar 2016
Posted By: Ashleigh Bushby

 Fantastic service! Bought two tempered glass screens and had them fitted there and then. Very friendly and efficient. Highly recommended! 
Date of Posting: 9 Jan 2016
Posted By:Jonathan Powell

 Super fast service, drop my phone in for a new screen, shopped for an hour....phone is good as new!! 
Date of Posting: 17 Apr 2016
Posted By:Joelene N Leon Johnston

 Great fast service and awesome price to get my screen fixed for iPhone 
Date of Posting: 16 Jun 2016
Posted By:Casey De Souza

 I was served by Libby. She was great and very helpful! 
Date of Posting: 1 Dec 2016
Posted By: Georgie Stephenson

 Fantastic job on fixing my smashed screen from the Jindalee store. Graham was a legend. Definitely recommended. 
Date of Posting: 17 Jan 2016
Posted By: Jess Bradbury

 Good place, nice service, I'll recommend it to my friend. O(∩_∩)O~~. 
Date of Posting: 23 Jan 2016
Posted By: Destinee Wong

 Excellent customer service, friendly and reliable. Highly recommended 
Date of Posting: 16 Nov 2016
Posted By: Graham Sheehan

 Great customer service. Friendly staff and very competitive prices. Fast and quality repairs. 
Date of Posting: 28 Nov 2016
Posted By: Casey Downs

 Great ! 
Date of Posting: 12 May 2016
Posted By: Manna Huang

 Very good prices & service. Thanks for your help. Renewed 4s. 
Date of Posting: 15 Jan 2016
Posted By: Tim Smallcombe

 Rad stuff! 
Date of Posting: 15 Aug 2016
Posted By: Libby-Lips Richardson