4 Myths About Pre-Owned or Refurbished Mobile Phones

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The used/pre-owned smartphones business is one of the fastest-growing markets today, valued at US$21 billion in 2017. That’s a sharp increase from its $17 billion value in 2016, and $11 billion in 2015!

What’s more, we expect the market to be as much as $30 billion in 2020, as both customers and retailers increasingly embrace the practice of selling or acquiring second-hand smartphones. The idea of dealing with used mobile phones or refurbished mobile phones can either excite you with the possibilities of value at a low price, or turn you off with visions of old or outdated equipment on its last legs. With the increasing popularity of pre-owned mobile phones, this market is prone to certain myths and rumors that may develop fear and apprehensions among people or cellphone repair shop owners against used smartphones. So, let’s bust some bogus facts about pre-owned and refurbished mobile phones.

Myth No. 1 – There must be something wrong with it

The very first thing that comes to our mind with second-hand devices is, if someone is giving up on a cellphone, it must have some problems. Why else would someone have returned it, or why else would it be so cheap? However, different refurbished phones are categorized into various grades based on their conditions. These are grades A, B, C, and D.

A – These are closest to the new ones.

B – This grade will have devices that may have some minor defects like scratches or paint worn out.

C – Grade C phones may have some defects and have some performance-related issues.

D – Phones in this grade may be defective, non-working, or cosmetically flawed beyond repair.

Pre-owned smartphones are not always faulty; it is up to your requirement and choice to get the right device from a cell phone repair store.

Myth No. 2 – They are not safe 

This is one of the biggest myths regarding used mobile phones and mobile devices, because many smartphone owners are worried about their phones getting hacked. They believe that since the device has been previously owned by someone, they could have access to any data that you put into it, and that makes the device unsafe for use.

While you should be cautious about using your phone, saying all refurbished mobile phones contain viruses or security issues would be pretty unfair. To minimize the risk of your valuable information being stored, always remember to factory reset the device at the time of purchase. All harmful or useless data will be wiped out through this procedure, and your phone will be only yours.

Myth No. 3 – They have poor battery cycles

It is a widespread misconception that used phones come with short battery lives. Phones have 30/100 weight because sometimes when they are used excessively, their batteries drain out. However, if any retailer claims to be a genuine trader of refurbished phones, they have gone through a professional reconditioning process which involves replacing the battery with a brand new one. These phones are checked for faults, and cosmetic damage and are reset to a factory default status.

If you run a cellphone repair store that deals in trading of pre-owned devices, you must have RepairDesk for your shop. An all-in-one mobile phone repair shop software comes with a trade-in module that manages the whole process of buying and re-selling used smartphones.

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Myth No. 4 – They are more prone to repairs and maintenance issues

Today, most smartphones are built for durability along with the newest features, and they have 80% longer lives as compared to the phones manufactured since the last decade. Many phones are built with shatterproof glass technology – in fact, some of them can even be submerged into the water without any damage.

Usually, refurbished phones come with a warranty. It is essential when the phone has had some defects before, and a warranty is the only protection, in case any issue crops up at a later time. It is generally advisable to get phones that have a warranty backing them up, since it reassures you that the phone is in good working condition, and if there is ever a problem, you can always take it in for a claim and get everything sorted out without any hassle.

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