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The iPhone 6 has within a year and a half of its launch become one of the largest selling smartphones in the world and in Australia. The phone has attracted users with its unique looks, exceptional features, and of course, the very brand name – Apple. Though the ion-strengthened glass with its oleophobic coating makes the iPhone quite tough despite its thin body, the chances of the screen cracking, or developing a fault is as likely to happen to the Apple phone as to any other flagship device.

Thankfully, the screen of the iPhone is replaceable, and quite a few stores in Brisbane undertake repairs in addition to Apple’s own repair centres.

Here’s what you need to do (and what you need to check) when the screen needs to be repaired:

  • When the screen develops cracks or becomes unresponsive, you can take the phone to a repair centre and get it checked. In most cases, the technicians will be able to repair the problem without the need for any replacement of the screen.
  • In cases where the iPhone 6 screen needs to be replaced, you should make sure that the technicians use the appropriate replacement screens. The better shops will do it themselves but it never hurts to find out what part is being used.
  • Also, it makes sense to ask for a quote for the repair job before handing over the phone to the shop. Some shops may quote a significantly higher repair price for the simple reason that authorised Apple repair centres quote very high charges and their prices look reasonable by comparison. This is not usually the case, however, as most screen repair jobs are quite cheap and will only cost a fraction of the price quoted by Apple stores or unscrupulous repair shops.

Another thing iPhone users need to check is the shop they choose. There are various shops that can undertake repairs but getting the work done at a store that has technicians with extensive experience always helps. A great way to find such stores is to read the customer reviews for the business. You can check out their social media pages and get a fairly good idea of how capable the store is.

Other factors such as asking you to take an appointment means that these businesses respect your time and try to give you dedicated service that certainly resolve your problems faster. These stores will also ensure they keep the possible spare parts handy so that you do not waste any time.

You can definitely go with such a business as it will make sure your iPhone 6 is repaired within a few minutes. In fact, a store that thinks of your convenience is often the best mobile shop in Brisbane to repair your smartphone.

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