Got A Damaged Screen? 3 Best Smartphone Screen Repair Options

There are many different ways your smartphone screen can crack. Perhaps you accidentally dropped it, or perhaps you sat on it. In any case, a damaged screen must not be left as is. Take it to a highly trained mobile phone repair technician to have it repaired as soon as you can. Even a just one small crack can become worse over time and may lead to a completely shattered screen. Moreover, a deep crack can make the screen bleed, making the smartphone difficult to use for reading and browsing. You typically have three choices when having the screen repaired:

  1. Take the phone to your mobile service provider or straight to the manufacturer – This is the first option to consider if you bought your phone from your mobile service provider and it is still covered by the warranty. This is ideal as you can have it fixed for free. You might also be entitled to free repair if you purchased the phone from an official retailer and it is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. But be warned: Samsung and Apple’s warranties do not cover damaged screens caused by accidents. Be sure to verify the standard limited warranty.
  1. Check out the manufacturer’s out-of-warranty repair options – Apple can still repair the screen of the iPhone outside the warranty, for a fee. Samsung and HTC provides the same service. But remember to get a quote before sending your phone to them, and then compare their quoted price with the cost of smartphone screen repair at a local repair shop.
  1. Take it to the local repair shop – In most cases, it is cheaper to have a damaged smartphone screen repaired by a highly-trained technician who has the right tools and replacement screen. Some of the best repair specialists can complete the repair within two days, and they provide a six-month warranty on all parts and labour.
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