How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Brisbane

Did your phone take a swim in the bath? Are there cracks on the screen because you dropped it on the pavement? There’s no need to start looking for a new mobile phone just yet. You can always have your smartphone repaired. Here are some tips on choosing a reliable mobile phone repair shop in Brisbane:

  • Check out several mobile phone repair shops in Brisbane – Don’t go to the first shop you see. It’s best to shop around first so you can have a better idea on what is the fair price for the repair you may need. You might even find a repair shop where you simply need to mail your mobile phone, and you don’t need to go in-store anymore.
  • Determine products and equipment used – It can do more harm than good when repair shops install low-quality materials to your mobile phone. Ask the repair shop what kind of equipment and materials they will use to fix your phone.
  • Request for quotes – The best mobile phone repair shops can offer an instant quote so you’ll know how much to pay for repairs. Visit mobile phone repair shop websites or contact them by phone. Take note that not all mobile phone repair shops may be able to accommodate your model; always check beforehand if all models can be repaired by the shop.
  • Ask about the turnaround time – Common repairs should only take specialists about 30 minutes or one hour. Now, if your phone requires special parts, repair shops can usually acquire these within one to two days.
  • Discuss the warranty – Never deal with a mobile phone repair shop in Brisbane that doesn’t offer a warranty. A warranty is a sign that the repair specialist stands by their work and to give assurance to customers. A fair warranty is six months for both labour and parts.
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