How to get your iPhone 6 Screen Replaced

An iPhone is not just a phone, it is a prized possession. Since it comes at a premium price, iPhone owners naturally try to handle it with great care to keep it safe. Apple uses Gorilla Glass to protect your phone – it is much sturdier than normal glass. This helps avoid normal wear and tear that can damage a phone’s screen. However, sometimes accidents do happen. Protective glass and panels can only handle so much. The outer body of the phone may break, or the hardware components could malfunction. The screen is the most delicate part of a phone, and it can shatter when it hits the ground with great force or at an angle.

It is not always feasible to buy a new phone, and the best solution in this situation is to just go for a screen replacement. Your phone will look as good as new. The cost of repairing iPhone is also considerably lower than buying a new iPhone, which is why you must consider screen replacement instead of buying a new phone.

Here are a few tips on how to get your iPhone 6 screen replaced.

Apple Authorised Service Centre: Apple Service Centre is the first option that you must consider to get your iPhone 6 screen replacement. However, it is going to be a pricey affair since screen damage is not covered under a standard warranty issued by Apple for iPhone. In fact, screen damage is a part of accidental damages that are not covered by most phone manufacturers. If you paid for AppleCare+, the cost is relatively lower than the regular price quoted by Apple for iPhone screen replacement. This is the most expensive option to replace the screen.

Private Service Centre: If you want to get your iPhone 6 screen replacement at an affordable price, you must check out your local mobile service centres. They have qualified technicians who are trained to repair all types of cell phones. Many of these service centres also have their own websites where you can find more information about their services. If you are busy, you can contact them through their website to get an instant quote for the screen replacement instead of making a trip to the store. Many service providers offer services where they pick up the phone from your house and courier it back to you after repair. You can contact them for other mobile repair services as well

DIY using Repair Kits: There are plenty of video and photo tutorials available online that show how to replace the iPhone 6 screen with step-by-step instructions. You can order an iPhone 6 screen replacement kit online and follow the instructions given in the tutorial to replace the screen on your own. This is the most cost-effective option, but, undertake this project only if you are confident about your technical abilities.

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